You are between 16 and 106. You seek calmness and balance in the body and mind. You believe that good health springs from inside. You dislike stationarity and you want to progress in everything you do.

Tai Chi Chuan

It’s a Chinese martial art, in which the largest part of the exercise is with slow motion. It is valuable not only for the body, but also for concentration, balance, and relaxation.


I am Antonis Christofides, and I teach tai chi chuan in the city of Lefkas at the suggestion of my teacher, Yoryios Petrounias, who is my teacher since 2006.

You will find me at 6979924665.


Lessons are at «Ballroom King», Karavela, adjacent to «2ο χέρι» («second hand»). Please contact me at or at 6979924665 for lesson times and more information.